Tuesday, July 30, 2013

2 Easy Ways to Remove Windows 7 Password

Well, I often see many Win 7 users ask for help to remove Windows 7 password (learn more info) on Yahoo answer. Some of them are tired of entering the password every time when they using the win 7 PC. While others forgot Windows 7 password and need to remove it and regain access to the locked computer. Here share 2 easy Windows 7 password removal solution with you for whatever purposes.

remove windows 7 password

Solution 1: How to Remove Windows 7 Password if You can Access PC

For some Win 7 user, removing Windows 7 password is something worth considering indeed if they cann’t remember Win 7 password or tired of entering the password every time when they using the win 7 computer. So they can bypass Windows 7 logon screen totally in this windows 7 password remover way. Now let us see how to operate:

Step 1: First open command prompt by pressing Windows key + R, then type “netplwiz” and click “ok”.
Step 2. Uncheck “user must enter user name and password to use this computer”, then hit “ok”.
Step 3. Confirm your current username and password in the Automatically sign in box and click “ok”.

Done! Restart your computer, now you can automatically login to Widows 7 without a password.

Solution 2: How to Remove Forgotten Windows 7 Password

Forgot Windows 7 login password and locked out computer? Need to remove it and access the locked win 7 system? It is obviously that you can’t apply the solution 1.
Have you ever come across such boring situation when using Win 7. Well, you forgot Windows 7 administrator password and still don’t know how to get access it. Moreover, you may need to login into one protected computer but have no password.

Among those Windows 7 password remover methods, the best one is using Windows password reset tool to remove or recover the password. The best Windows 7 password reset tool I have ever used is Windows Password Recovery Tool. Doing is better that saying, let us begin this Windows 7 password removal process:

1: Download Windows Password Recovery Tool and install it on any other available computer(not the locked one).
2: Burn a password remover for Windows 7 with CD/USB flash drive.
3: Set BIOS to boot your computer from the newly burned CD/USB flash drive. Click “Reboot” to continue.
4: Restart your computer and login in without entering any password.

Not clear? Try this helpful video guide: How to Remove Windows 7 Password?

Now the Windows 7 password removal is successfully finished. Well, besides support Windows 7 system, Windows Password Recovery Tool also supports other Windows system as well, including Win 8, XP, Vista, Server 2012, 2008, 2003, 2000 etc.

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