Thursday, March 27, 2014

How to Reset Windows 7 Password?

It will be pretty angry when we forgot the logon password on Windows 7 computer.

The Windows 7 password is as safe as a house door that closes and then puts the key under the mat house. It's locked, but do you known whether the door can be opened again? Well, that should not be the issue here!

Step 1: First of all, you need to download a Linux live CD (Those distributions that have the possibility of being executed directly from the CD without installing it is necessary). The LiveCD List on the website is a list with almost all Linux distributions that accept this option. Particular men to recommend Ubuntu;
reset password Windows 7

Step 2: Once downloaded burn the ISO to a CD or DVD, make sure that the initial boot your computer from the CD / DVD;

Step 3: When loading the initial screen boot Ubuntu, select the "Try Ubuntu without any change to your computer” option. Remember that this option is only valid for those who are using Ubuntu. Anyone with another Linux distribution, select the option to boot directly from CD / DVD;

Step 4: Once the system has loaded, locate the system partition where Windows is installed. Go to the folder “windows/system32? And locate the file named “sethc.exe “. Rename any other name (eg, “original_sethc.exe”, or whatever you think well. Just remember the name and then you can undo this change.

Step 5: After you rename the previous file in the same folder find the file “cmd.exe “. You should copy it and paste it (In Ubuntu, when you select a file and press Ctrl + C [Shortcut to Copy], and then Ctrl + V [Paste Shortcut], the system itself creates a copy of the file;

Step 6: Change the name of the copy of “cmd.exe “to " sethc.exe “;

Step 7: Restart your computer, but rather remove the Ubuntu CD so that the computer can load Windows normally;

Step 8: When the login screen appears, press 5 (yes, five) times the “SHIFT " key on the left;

Step 9: In the command screen that opens, type the command “control userpasswords” (Without quotes) and press “ENTER” ;

Step 10: Select the desired user and click the “Reset Password " button. Please enter your new password.

Well, if the above can’t help you, choose another Windows 7 Password Reset Tool from  That is lightweight, intuitive and with a great interface distribution. Just watch detailed video tutorial to guide you reset forgotten password on Windows 7 laptop.